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Newest Edits:

These are the last 10 properties that were added or updated. 

 Name of PropertyAddressOfficial SiteMore Info and Pictures
Red Rocks1036 Park Rd. NWhttp://firebrickpizza.com/index.htmRed Rocks
Hiatt3240 Hiatt Place NWHiatt
Allegro3460 14th St NWhttp://www.allegrospaces.com/Allegro
Fedex Kinkos14th and Kenyon St NWwww.fedex.comFedex Kinkos
Heights Restaurant and Bar3115 14th St. NWhttp://www.theheightsdc.comHeights Restaurant and Bar
DC USA Located on west side of 14th Street between Park Road and Irving Street, NWhttp://www.ncrcdc.com/html/dcusa.htmlDC USA
Lamont Street LoftsLamont ST NW and Georgia Ave NWLamont Street Lofts
Sticky Fingers Bakery1370 Park Rd NWhttp://www.stickyfingersbakery.com/index.phpSticky Fingers Bakery
Lofts of Columbia Heights2750 14th Street, NWhttp://www.loftsofcolumbiaheights.comLofts of Columbia Heights
Duffy2106 Vermont Ave NW Washington, DC http://www.duffysdc.comDuffy