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McMillan Mews

Address: North Capital st and Michigan Ave
Neightborhood: North Capital ST
Price: Unknown
Delivery Date: Not Approved Yet
Number of units: 1200
Site: Official Property Site for the McMillan Mews
Greenvest submitted an unsolicited bid to put a $400 million mixed-use project at the McMillan Reservoir. This is not approved but it is worth looking at their website to see the possibilities. Also worth looking at is the DC site for the McMillan Reservoir Project
DC Gentrification Pictures: McMillan Reservoir


01_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6 02_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6 03_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6 04_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6 05_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6
01_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6.jpg 02_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6.jpg 03_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6.jpg 04_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6.jpg 05_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6.jpg
06_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6 07_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6 08_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6    
06_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6.jpg 07_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6.jpg 08_McMillan-Reservoir_Sept6.jpg