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Address: 2914 11th St NW
Neightborhood: Columbia Heights DC
Delivery Date: 2004
Number of units: 11
Listing Agent: McWilliams Ballard
Cost: 350,000 to 500,000
Site: Official Property Site for the Nonquitt
Renovated 1910 building. One and two story units. All two Bedroom and two bathroom. Off street parking available.
A second floor 2-bedroom was sold for 354,900 in October, 2004.
#204 sold for $354,900 in December 2004.

June 2005:  Very cool.  This building has a blog:  Nonquitt Blog
DC Gentrification Pictures- Nonquitt Condo in Columbia Heights


01Nonquitt 02NonquittJuly26 03NonquittRear 04NonquittSide 05_nonquitt_Oct4_04
01Nonquitt.jpg 02NonquittJuly26.jpg 03NonquittRear.jpg 04NonquittSide.jpg 05_nonquitt_Oct4_04.jpg
06_nonquitt_Oct4_04 07_nonquitt_Oct4_04      
06_nonquitt_Oct4_04.jpg 07_nonquitt_Oct4_04.jpg