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Address: 1419 Clifton St NW
Neightborhood: Columbia Heights DC
Delivery Date: October 2004.
Number of units: 18
Listing Agent: The Levy team
Cost: Starting at the high $300s and going up to $634,900 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom with a balcony
Site: Official Property Site for the Maxwell
Renovation of a Harry Wardman building which was built in 1909. The basement has been converted to a garage with 16 parking spaces. Very good looking units with wood floors, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.
6 units were sold in October 2004 ranging in price from $394,900 for a 2 bedroom to 569,900 for a 3 bedroom.


December Sales:
#101 $424,900
#103 $356,900
#104 $420,900
#105 $416,900
#106 $404,900
#201 $569,900
#305 $399,900

February Sales:
#204 $448,350
#205 $425,900
#306 $424,900




DC Gentrification Pictures- The Maxwell


01Maxwell_frontApril 02Maxwell_rearApril 04maxwell_2_71804 05maxwell_062204_fromleft 06maxwell_71804Rear
01Maxwell_frontApril.jpg 02Maxwell_rearApril.jpg 04maxwell_2_71804.jpg 05maxwell_062204_fromleft.jpg 06maxwell_71804Rear.jpg
07maxwell_71804Side 08maxwell_72604_1 09maxwell_72604_2 10maxwell_72604_3 13maxwell_1_81804
07maxwell_71804Side.jpg 08maxwell_72604_1.jpg 09maxwell_72604_2.jpg 10maxwell_72604_3.jpg 13maxwell_1_81804.jpg
16maxwell_5_81804 17maxwell_82904 18maxwell_82904 19maxwell_82904 20maxwell_Sept25_04
16maxwell_5_81804.jpg 17maxwell_82904.jpg 18maxwell_82904.jpg 19maxwell_82904.jpg 20maxwell_Sept25_04.jpg